Environments and exhibitions provide unique and exciting opportunities to share ideas, inspire creativity, educate, provide meaning and communicate culture. Bluewater Studio is committed to helping our clients and partners make the most of these opportunities through the most creative and purposeful physical and virtual storytelling experiences possible.

Collaborative Innovation

Bluewater Studio is uniquely positioned to provide clients and partners with the highest levels of planning, conception, fabrication and installation of environments and exhibitions including access to groundbreaking media and technology experiences. Bluewater Studio is a division of Bluewater, one of the most respected technology and live event companies in the United States.

Although the Studio itself is relatively new, under the leadership of James Hungerford, Erich Zuern and James Gould, it offers clients a team that has been collaborating on successful projects for museums, corporations, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and college sports for over a decade.

Driven by innovative collaboration and seasoned by a history of shared achievement, they look forward to setting a new standard of success for Bluewater Studio and its clients.


Creating authentic visitor experiences worldwide

As museums continue to compete for visitor attention, it is critical to provide authentic experiences by deeply rooting exhibitions in content, objects, and activities that will fully engage visitors of all ages.  The Bluewater Studio team has been collaborating with dozens of cultural institutions and creative partners for decades, working together to create exceptional and inspirational cultural experiences for people around the world.  Now, they are able to draw upon the tools, processes, and techniques of both physical and digital domains, integrating them to produce environments and exhibits that create more effective storytelling and an enhanced visitor experience.


Communicating culture and brand in corporate spaces

Clearly communicating the mission, vision and values of corporate culture fosters the loyalty of employees and customers and supports a strong brand identity. Bluewater Studio works with corporations to create legacy spaces and innovation centers as well as educational and branded environments to achieve these goals physically and virtually. The team has decades of experience transforming experiential spaces to reveal a company’s history, tell its brand story and create a sense of excitement about its future.


Providing key elements for a more healing environment

When healthcare leaders seek to create new facilities or update existing ones, their objective is to provide exceptional experiences for patients, their families and the medical professionals who care for them. The Bluewater Studio team is proud to have led collaborative teams in creating spaces designed to achieve several different goals including showcasing a facility’s legacy, describing offerings of specialized care, creating distraction elements to calm and engage patients and their families and recognizing the generosity of donors. All of which play an important role in conveying a healthcare organization’s mission, vision, and values – as well as fostering a climate for recovery, wellness and hope.

Higher Education

Transforming the way student, faculty and visitors experience your institution

Called by necessity, leaders in higher education are investing in strategies to communicate the mission, vision, and value of their institutions and achievements. The Bluewater Studio team has worked with dozens of colleges, universities and professional schools to create environments that boost brand awareness, celebrate community, communicate institutional history and market their athletic departments. Whether these projects tell the stories of championships or publicize unique institutional qualities to students, families, faculty, alumni and other visitors and stakeholders, they enable these institutions to promote and support their future success.