Bluewater Expands to Provide Environment & Exhibition Development

Michigan-based experiential tech firm adds resources to produce Environments and Exhibitions for cultural and public spaces.

SOUTHFIELD, MI, (August 21, 2017 ( – ​​​​Bluewater, a Michigan-based technology experience company, announces the formation of Bluewater Studio, the company’s new environments, and exhibition arm. The founding leadership team consists of creative and seasoned veterans in the industry.  James Hungerford will serve as the group’s senior vice president, Erich Zuern as executive producer, and James Gould as vice president of operations and project development.

Bluewater Studio provides clients with an integrated approach to the strategy, development, creative and production of highly creative cultural experiences and spaces.

“We are delighted to be able to use our full range of experience and expertise at Bluewater Studio,” said Hungerford. “We have formed this team in response to client challenges and opportunities that we’ve seen in the marketplace. It’s incredibly gratifying to have the opportunity to offer a full range of intellectual, creative, fabrication, and installation services, leveraging years of experience successfully supporting clients and partners in key markets — museums, corporations, healthcare, and higher education.”

Prior to forming Bluewater Studio, Hungerford spent 13 years as the CEO and President of Xibitz Inc., overseeing its corporate growth and the development of environment and exhibition projects for a wide variety of clients. Zuern and Gould were key members of Hungerford’s team.

The group’s lead producer, Erich Zuern, has built an impressive global portfolio of diverse cultural projects featuring immersive storytelling, unique educational experiences, and highly engaging activities. In his role, he will assemble and lead some of the best creative and interpretive teams to initiate the next wave of successful projects.

In Gould’s previous work he led the growth of the operational teams and oversaw the success of diverse complex projects from planning through production and installation. In his new role at Bluewater Studio, he provides clients with proven operational leadership and project knowledge.

“Bluewater Studio marks an important moment in our company’s evolution,” said Bluewater CEO Jeff Day.

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“Bluewater Studio marks an important moment in our company’s evolution, helping our clients discover and enhance their stories and creating unique opportunities to partner in deep and meaningful ways. This industry demands deep creative and technical abilities and we are committed to bringing our clients the most innovative talent.”Jeff Day, CEO