Central Bank Musuem

Money, Culture & Education

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is widely respected as a monetary policy authority and guardian of financial stability grounded in international best practices. They are also respected for their cultural and educational efforts in the country – providing alternative learning experiences for students and the wider community. The Central Bank Museum rebranding and remodeling provides an interactive and engaging state-of-the-art exhibition. Each major theme (The Bank Works for You; The Economy and Diversification; and The History of Money) is strategically designed to engage, educate and inspire visitors using a combination of role play, interactives and historical objects.

“The Bluewater team offered the Bank flexibility to make changes consistent with our reality: budget, schedule and culture. During the project, there was always a personal touch from the Bluewater team and sincere interest in our progress. Their experience, dedication and foresight ensured that our museum was delivered on budget and on time. …the team was trustworthy and accommodating and a pleasure to work with at all times.”Nicole Crooks, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Industrial and External Relations, Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago

Project Scope of Work

• Project Planning & Project Management
• Design Solutions
• Mount Making
• Prototyping & Sampling
• Fabrication & Installation
• Interpretive Content & Design by Lord Cultural Resources