Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Photo: Bluewater

Positive Distraction Makes a Difference

When children are waiting at a hospital to undergo major medical treatments, fear and anxiety only add to their distress. The concept of “Positive Distraction” is based on the premise that when patients are diverted by visuals that engage their attention, they are better able to cope with their emotions, manage their pain and develop a greater sense of trust toward the hospital environment.

Providing such environments dovetails with the mission of nationally ranked Children’s Hospital of Michigan, which states that they “will improve the health and well being of all children and their communities by advancing the science and practice of pediatric health care and through advocacy efforts.”

Working closely with the staff of Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the leadership of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, Bluewater developed a unique interactive distraction environment for the institution’s young patients. The installation encourages youngsters of all ages to physically engage with their environment using simple gestures in ways that are not only amusing but also empowering –  an excellent example of Positive Distraction.

As hospital CEO, Luanne Thomas Ewald explains, “Kids come in, clinging to their parents – very nervous about what is supposed to happen. Then we see kids drift toward a wall and go into their own little world. That’s definitely the environment we were trying to create.”

Children’s Hospital of Michigan has found Bluewater’s installation to be extraordinarily successful in helping young patients, their families and their healthcare providers.  By helping to relieve stress and pain, this Distraction Environment is playing a part in ensuring a more positive prognosis for patients and caregivers now and in the future.

“These types of experiences give children more days to play, more nights to dream, and more time to just be kids.”Matt Friedman, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation
“The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is consistently recognized as one of America’s best hospitals for children which exemplifies the commitment of our entire health care team to patient quality, safety, innovations and research for the children and families we serve.”Children’s Hospital of Michigan Surgeon-in-Chief Joseph L. Lelli, M.D.
Project Scope of Work

• Project Management
• Interactive Experience
• Content Development
• Media Systems Solutions
• Equipment Integration
• Installation