Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit ’67 Exhibit

In providing perspective on the city-altering events of July 1967, the Detroit Historical Museum recognized that for some visitors this would be a reminder of an anxious and terrible time that they lived through, while for others this would be their first significant exposure.

Visitors of such varied backgrounds and generations are successfully and memorably engaged by combining a very old technique — first-person storytelling through Oral Histories — with highly interactive technology. The exhibit fills in the big picture of these events through hundreds of personally relatable details, providing visitors with a true “you were there” impression.

The Detroit Free Press calls this blend of interactive displays “downright dazzling.”

Learn more about the Detroit ’67 exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum.

“…an impressive, thoroughly engaging show”The Detroit Free Press
“Without the oral histories, Detroit ’67 wouldn’t really exist. They formed the foundation.”Tracy Irwin, director of exhibitions and collections
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