Neville Public Museum

Neville Public Museum – Bridging Communities, Connecting Generations

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Neville Public Museum is an accredited cultural institution that champions history, science, and art and is dedicated to the collection and preservation of significant objects relevant to Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Bluewater Studio is leading the exhibit demolition and remodeling in the 8000 sq. ft. Core Exhibit Gallery and the fabrication and installation of all new permanent exhibits, with a focus on making the exhibits updatable and maximizing the volume of collections on display. Completion late 2019.

Project Scope of Work

• Budget Planning & Management
• Creative Consultation and Design
• Subcontract Management
• Project Planning & Project Management
• Design Solutions
• Mount Making
• Prototyping & Sampling
• Media & Technology
• Fabrication & Installation