Port of Ludington Maritime Museum

Photo: Bluewater

Docking the Virtual Ferry

The Port of Ludington Maritime Museum is perfectly situated to tell the history of Ludington’s harbor, Lake Michigan ferries, and the Coast Guard.  Overlooking one of the only deep-water ports on the eastern side of Lake Michigan, the museum is housed in a recently restored 83-year-old former U.S. Coast Guard Station, now on the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition to providing technical solutions and hardware for more than 20 media-based exhibits, Bluewater created the Pilot House interactive experience, one of three premier exhibits at the museum.

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Executive Director Dr. Rick Plummer describes the visitor interaction:

There will be one visitor to man the helm, and another visitor will man the chadburns — the two telegraphs back to the engine room. There will be two visitors in the engine room, a first mate and second mate. And they are literally bringing the ship into harbor.” Directed by a virtual captain which is part of the interaction, crew members must work together to navigate the virtual Pere Marquette 22 ferry into a 1930s Ludington to successfully dock the vessel!

“There’s nothing like this anywhere. People will be lined up, it’ll be like Disneyland.”Dr. Rick Plummer, Executive Director, The Port of Ludington Maritime Museum
“This museum is going to be a hands-on learning experience, bringing our rich maritime history to life. That comes from two qualities — not just the interactivity, though many of the exhibits will be participatory or technology-driven — but it will also be informed by its authenticity. When you walk into this museum, virtually every artifact will be original.”Dr. Rick Plummer, Executive Director, The Port of Ludington Maritime Museum
Project Scope of Work

• Project Management
• Interactive Experience
• Content Development
• Media Systems Solutions
• Equipment Integration
• Installation

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