Bluewater Studio Services Benefits

Offering clients more than 30 years of experience, expertise and a creative and operational space of over 200,000 square feet, Bluewater Studio provides a full range of essential services for Environments and Exhibitions. These include project planning, design assist and design build, media, technology, fabrication and installation. Supported by a vigorous and dynamic organization, the Bluewater Studio team delivers exceptional leadership, innovative project solutions and highly successful results.


Successful exhibits and environmental spaces demand careful planning and dedicated management. Every project is based on best practices and processes that are highly organized and clearly communicated and overseen by experts from conception to completion. Above all, Bluewater Studio institutes and nurtures ongoing creative collaborations at every level including:

Project Planning | Project Financial Modeling | Budgeting & Estimating
Contract Management | Project Management | Contractor & Consultant Coordination

Facility Integration Coordination | Interpretive Planning | Content Development


The Bluewater Studio can take the creative lead on a project or provide clients and design partners with as much support as they need when they need it. Experienced in both Design Assist and Design Build approaches, we contribute innovative strategies that illuminate, support and advance project decision-making, including:

Project Management | Concept Design | Detail Design
Graphic Design | Media & Technology Design | Lighting Design

Budgeting & Estimating

Bluewater Studio operates in a highly collaborative style and strongly believes in the benefits and best practices of working and partnering in a design-assist or design-build model where partners and teams collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project, often from the very beginning.  The Studio team is well versed in both project approaches, including organizing, managing and leading projects as the main contractual partners and setting up successful joint ventures for large-scale projects.

Design Assist – Can be implemented on any project regardless of size and complexity and offers many benefits to the Designer and Project Owner.  Early engagement with the design team can include improvements in design efficiency, problem-solving, cost management and efficiencies in time and scheduling. Depending on the project, this can involve detail design drawings, design solutions, prototyping and early management of logistics, schedules, and budgeting straight through to installation.

Design Build – Similar to Design Assist, but it typically involves a single contract with the goal of establishing integrated Team Partnerships at the very beginning of the project. These, in turn, provide a unified collaborative team process throughout the entire project from concept through installation.  The contract holder will usually assume the role of contract management for all creative and project work, with the Bluewater Studio team collaborating with the creative teams and managing the logistical work, schedules, and budget from concept through installation.

There are many documented owner, partner, team and project benefits to these approaches including:

  • All disciplines share a common vision of the project, from concept to completion.
  • As members of aligned project teams, all participants become stakeholders – illuminating, supporting and executing the same vision.
  • Each team member fully uses his or her expertise in core competencies throughout the project.
  • Project goals and progress are aligned with funding throughout the life of the project.
  • Project decisions are based on real data from the teams who will be producing the work.
  • Specialized knowledge & expertise is shared openly throughout the course of the project, fostering better decision-making.
  • A low-bid, change order culture is replaced with cooperative engagement, focused on the best outcomes.
  • A greatly streamlined process provides excellent results within the project schedule.

These attributes work together to increase value through a smoother exhibit and technology development process.  There are fewer changes and cost overruns due to misunderstandings & siloed information.  The result is a higher quality product – delivered within a reasonable schedule and on an affordable budget.  Best of all, by improving the development of your exhibits, technology solutions, facility and architectural integration, the quality of the exhibition experience for your visitors will be raised to the highest level.


The creative expertise of its parent company ensures that cutting-edge media solutions are woven into the fabric of every Bluewater Studio project right from the start. Expert in integrating design, production and technological solutions, the Bluewater Studio team knows how to use just the right resources to enhance every story. We have an astounding array of in-house media resources including:

Project Management | Interactive Experiences | Data Visualization
Content Development | Media System Solutions | Equipment Integration
Lighting Systems and Integration | Live Event Solutions


With a history of productive collaboration, the team has led and successfully executed projects of varied size, complexity and diversity – nationally and internationally. Their knowledge and experience with a wide range of materials, fabrication processes and graphic techniques, assures clients and design partners of a range of solutions to meet their project’s creative, budgetary and schedule goals. Best of all, the team has an exceptional talent for design, coupled with a commitment to quality. Services include:

Project Management | Estimating and Budgeting | Detailing
Prototyping and Mockups | Material Samples | Graphic Production
Artifact Mounting | Fabrication | Installation
On-site Training & Maintenance Manual