World Vision – Kisongo Trek

Seeing the World Through New Eyes

In partnership with MRA Experiential Tours & Equipment, Bluewater helped to create an extraordinary mobile exhibit to demonstrate the work and impact of World Vision, a global Christian Humanitarian organization.

Using custom programming, digital signage, show control, video wall, advanced A/V distribution, touchscreens and facial recognition technologies, the exhibit offers an immersive and interactive experience that engages, informs and delights visitors. Through twenty-first century technology, visitors are transported to a small village in Tanzania to encounter the everyday events, challenges and joys of Tanzanian life through the eyes of a 13-year old villager.

“Response has been very, very strong by the public”Mike Crosson, Director of Program Development, MRA
“You’ll be issued a bus ticket…as soon as you enter the experience. As you are going from the bus to the tree to the hut to the water area [the village boy] is leading you …walking off one screen and onto another.”Daniel Lorenz, VP of Innovation, Bluewater
Project Scope of Work

• Project Management
• Interactive Experience
• Content Development
• Media Systems Solutions
• Equipment Integration
• Installation