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For over two decades James Hungerford, Erich Zuern and Jim Gould have collaborated on the concepting, planning, creation and installation of innovative projects for museums, corporations, healthcare facilities and institutions of higher education. Now, as the leadership team of Bluewater Studio, James, Erich and Jim provide the strategic vision, creative energy and technical expertise for a wide range of projects. Their unwavering dedication to excellence ensures the successful execution of every project to the complete satisfaction of every client and partner.

James Hungerford

Senior Vice President | Bluewater Studio
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James has been contributing to the Business of the Arts and the Art of Business for over 30 years.

Formerly CEO and President at his previous employer, for 13 years he guided that company’s successful growth until it was acquired by new owners. Providing the leadership that produced dozens of remarkable environment and exhibition projects, James worked synergistically with the architectural and design communities around the globe. His efforts can be seen in projects for a wide variety of clientele – particularly museums, corporations, healthcare and higher education.

Now, as the senior member of the Bluewater Studio team, he oversees productive collaborations and successful outcomes for both clients and project partners. His business expertise, creativity and proprietary knowledge acquired through project experience, has resulted in an impressive portfolio that reflects a dedication to a higher purpose and an unwavering passion for building and leading creative organizations.

James Gould

Vice President of Operations and Project Development | Bluewater Studio
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James is a master at building responsive teams who are ideally suited to provide superior solutions, products, and services for Bluewater Studio’s diverse client base.

As Director of Production & Operations at his previous employer for ten years, he provided the inspired leadership that drove the growth of six core operational teams. In this role, he oversaw the success of dozens of complex and sizable projects from planning through production and installation, fostering collaborations with subcontractors, clients, and internal partnerships.

Now, as Vice President of Operations and Project Development at Bluewater Studio, he offers clients proven operational leadership and project knowledge. He understands the value of effective planning to the final success of exhibits and spaces. And he is well-versed in ensuring the flawless execution of every phase of the process, no matter how complex the project.

Erich Zuern

Executive Producer | Bluewater Studio
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Erich’s record of leading successful projects is noteworthy and remarkable. For more than 30 years, he has inspired, guided and led the production of museum projects across the United States and abroad – connecting people and nations throughout the world. At his previous employer, Erich built an impressive portfolio of diverse cultural projects featuring interpretive storytelling, educational experiences and highly engaging activities.

As Executive Producer at Bluewater Studio, Erich creates a team atmosphere that fosters excitement and success through a proven process of project planning, design, fabrication, and installation.  A strong believer in planning and collaboration, he is a sought-after industry speaker and consultant on the process of developing exhibits for cultural institutions.  He also contributed to the Manual of Museum Exhibitions (2nd Edition, 2015) a comprehensive guide to the entire process of planning, designing, producing, and evaluating exhibitions for museums of all kinds.

A history of landmark projects worldwide

The Bluewater Studio leadership team has been innovating, producing and installing cutting-edge exhibits and experiential spaces in the United States and around the world for over twenty years.